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11   /   15   /   2016

This project was particularly fun to work on.  Lifestyle Overland is about a family of three traveling across the remote roads of America in the "wheeled pursuit of adventure."  The logo was already pre-made by Kevin, so I all I had to do was break down the logo into parts to animate.  He had already decided on the previous version of the logo to look like an arrow on a GPS navigator.  So we decided to continue that here, but we also wanted to add a little bit extra.


Although the logo's design is relatively simple and easy to work with, I really like how this one turned out.  It gave me the chance to work with 3D positioning and also the in camera tools that Adobe After Effects has to offer.  The camera focus point was rather nasty to work with since I was dealing with both 3D rotation and movement. I had to do lots of fine tuning and previewing to get it right (something which I've learned from).

All in all, I really enjoyed working on this animation.  There's a lot of details that got added in the later stages after getting the basic animation and camera move down like the sparks.  The depth of field here is definitely what makes this one nice to look at. 


You can see this particular logo animation on pretty much all of the Lifestyle Overland YouTube videos. 

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