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MARTIAL RENAISSANCE Motion Graphic Animation
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05   /   24   /   2018

Made for professional triathlete and world champion Andrew Starykowicz who holds several world records in Ironman triathlons, this particular project was a lot of fun to shoot and edit.  

Me and Kyle were able to go on this trip just days before learning about it, and were able to get hours of footage of all of the professional athletes training.  Moving through Mississippi into Alabama and finally arriving back in Nashville, this project was the most we had to travel for yet.  

Kyle shot for the majority of the time there, as I drove the vehicle from different locations on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Getting these shots were somewhat of a chore with not having a zoom lens, but overall we were able to achieve various focal lengths with very little difficulty.  The minimal amount of traffic made this shoot particularly easy, otherwise about 90% of the shots would not have been possible.  

I had to work with over two hours of footage we got from the trip that was shot in all 4K at 60 frames per second, which amounted to a little over 800 gigabytes!  The most massive project yet.  But, with that much footage, we were able to make two other videos besides this one, so we definitely were able to utilize nearly everything we shot.  

You can check out the video on his site, as well as our other video we did on Andrew Starykowicz's website.


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